Testimonial #10

Okay and Chi - Elk Grove, Ca.


I have never been the type who cared about photography but my wife does; so when our wedding anniversary rolled around I reluctantly agreed with the wife to hire professionals for the job. When she hired Amore Fine Art Photography; that turned out to be the best decision we made leading up to our wedding. ViAnna and Jim were just as excited as we were over our wedding; ViAnna's passion for photography and indeed passion for art was undeniable. She connected instantly with my wife and soon I was completely relaxed. She offered us so many different options captured shots from multiple angles (I love the aerial shots) which translated into so many amazing shots. ViAnna and Jim were friendly, they were on time and connected easily with our guests. They were the first to arrive for the wedding and they stayed till the very end and never for one moment complained amid repeated requests from guests and family for more shots. In all they remained poised, maintained their professional demeanor but were courteous and steadfast in their primary focus - my wife and I. We are so very grateful to ViAnna and Jim for making our wedding so memorable, the pictures turned out to be even more beautiful; a testament to their dedication to excellence and attention to detail.

We highly recommend their services to anyone interested in preserving the memories of their special event!